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Your donation keeps our music awesome and commercial-free, and supports local artists and specialty programming.

We play an awesome mix of music that you enjoy, but it would not be possible without the help from our members.If you're interested in supporting the music here at 88.9, become a part of our Sustaining Member Family

What is a Sustaining Member? 

Sustaining Members are monthly donors that gain exclusive benefits and VIP access to special events. Such perks include:

  • Sustaining members are automatically entered to win all raffles and giveaways. In the past, sustainers have won trips to New Orleans, tickets to Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, and more!
  • Sustaining members have access to our ticket giveaway email list! Whenever we have tickets to Boston’s best shows, we send an email out to all sustainers asking if they’re interested.  

All donations made to WERS are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by lawWERS is a department of Emerson College, EIN #04-128-6950

Sustaining Member FAQ:

Q: Does my sustaining membership ever expire?

A: Sustaining memberships never expire, and auto-renew once a year has gone by. 

Q: I am a sustaining member but my credit card has expired. How do I update it to keep my membership going?

A: The best way to update your credit card for your sustaining membership is by making a new donation here!

Q: What is the best payment method for a sustaining membership?

A: The best and most reliable way to give is through ACH Transfer!

Q: How important are sustaining memberships?

A: Sustaining memberships are extremely important and are what keeps this station running every single day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to, or

Support us, and We'll Say "Thank You" with one of our Cool Prizes:

For $6.00/month:

  • WERS black t-shirt

For $10.00/month - Most Popular

  • The NEW WERS baseball cap

For $20.00/month:

  • The NEW WERS embroidered tote bag

For $50.00/month - Champion Contribution:

  • The WERS summer swag bag including
    • NEW WERS embroidered tote bag
    • NEW baseball cap
    • New York Times digital subscription
    • Your choice of: SRO mug, George Knight mug, or WERS t-shirt

Want to make an even bigger impact? Join our exclusive 88.9ers society by pledging $88.90/month for even more member benefits and perks!