For the Love of Vinyl

From the Booth :: 01.25.17


By Cassandra Cloutier:

I’ve grown to realize over my 18 years of life that music is far more than just sound. Music has an unbelievable power like nothing else to unite massive stadiums of people or feel like the artist is speaking directly to one person. However, in more recent years, I’ve become deeply fond of vinyl records and their unique ability to unite multiple generations. Allow me to elaborate…  

Although I may have only started collecting records a few years ago, a big portion of my love doesn’t come from the vinyl itself, but the stories behind each one. The experience of visiting different record stores all over the country and meeting new people and having interesting conversations about music, sharing concert experiences, and discovering new artists is something that is so deeply pure and important to relating to one another. With records, it doesn’t matter what decade someone was born in, the sound transcends everything and creates an almost indescribable familiarity between those with similar taste in music. The pure nostalgia and beauty in the words that stand the test of time is something that simply can’t be ignored.

Beyond just allowing people to relate to one another, vinyl can also take people back to a different time. Not just in the more literal sense of listening to an Elvis record and feeling like you’re in the ’50s, but music can evoke the deepest emotions and mood of past memories. The subtle pops and skips of a worn vinyl gently memorized by the unconscious is something that is so tragically lost with modern digital media and is, in my eyes, what makes vinyl so special, unique and something that will continue to evoke memories and unite people for many more generations.