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"I would be lost without All A cappella. Keep it coming!" - WERS member

Saturdays and Sundays 2 to 4 PM

All A Cappella is the only show on FM radio in the country (as far as we know!) that features a cappella music, and we’re proud of it. From the best collegiate groups in the country, to professionals writing original songs, you’ll hear everything the genre has to offer.

We feature covers of classic and modern pop that are fun to sing and dance along to, so every weekend afternoon is a party. Our mix of music, plus frequent live sessions with Boston groups made All A Cappella The Contemporary Acappella Society runner-up for best a cappella program in 2011. 

Meet the DJs:

All A Cappella DJ - Andie!

Andie is a marketing communications student at Emerson in the class of 2021. He has been one of the hosts of All A Cappella since fall 2017, at the start of his freshman year. In summer 2018, he also moved into the role of Student Membership Coordinator.

All A Cappella is one of Andie’s favorite programs on WERS, and some of his favorite a cappella groups are Pentatonix, Rockapella, and the Emerson A Cappella groups like the Treblemakers and Achoired Taste. While he isn’t currently in a group, he participated in multiple choirs and bands in high school, and also has a background in musical theater. Tune in to All A Cappella on Sundays from 2-4 PM to hear Andie on 88.9 WERS!

Are you an A Cappella Educator or part of a group? Here are some resources we find really helpful! 



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