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Iceland Airwaves Contest Rules
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Iceland Airwaves Contest Rules

WERS “Iceland Airwaves Music Festival CONTEST RULES (the “Contest”)” Official Contest Rules March 9, 2015   No contribution necessary. MAKING A CONTRIBUTION WILL NOT INCREASE... Read More
Bose Wave Radio III Contest Rules
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Bose Wave Radio III Contest Rules

WERS “Bose Radio III CONTEST RULES (the “Contest”)” Official Contest Rules March 9, 2015   No contribution necessary. MAKING A CONTRIBUTION WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR... Read More
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LMW Is Coming!!!

April 11th through the 19th is Live Music Week. Keep your eyes peeled for artist details and great prizes for members and donors. We couldn’t... Read More
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WERS Presents….

Jesse Dee, Live at The Sinclair. Click above for more details. Check out Boston artist, Jesse Dee at The Sinclair on May 28th. Full details... Read More
Discover WERS :: 02.24.15

Cocek! Brass Band Live in Studio

By: Jailene Adorno This past weekend Cocek! Brass Band stopped by the WERS station as part of our Chagigah program, which celebrates the best in... Read More
Support Independent Businesses
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Support Independent Businesses

Show your support of these Boston-area businesses! We’re grateful for the underwriting support of the local companies listed below. They help make the music we... Read More
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Guster Live in Studio

There was a nervous buzz in the station when I arrived, and understandably so–that’s what happens when you’re hosting a band who just had a... Read More
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Parks Live at The Sinclair

By: Jules Wang From left to right: Liz, Brian K., Brian F., Matt, and Stu of Parks “Your home for music discovery!” It’s our motto here.... Read More
Discover WERS :: 10.29.13

Where Are They Now: Club Nouveau

By Alex Johnson As the creative force behind the Timex Social Club’s R&B chart-topper single “Rumors”, producer Jay King decided he could find success by... Read More
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Where Are They Now: Undisputed Truth

By Alex Johnson During the 1960s and ’70s, Motown changed the way people thought about and recognized the R&B/soul genre. In 1970, the record producer... Read More
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Where Are They Now: Charles Wright

By Nyla Wissa Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band is known for the soulful sound that were formed in the 1960s. They... Read More
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Kevin Parker In-Studio Interview

WERS got to sit down with Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker to chat before their show with The Flaming Lips. Enjoy!