One-Hit Wonder Day
Discover WERS :: 09.20.21

Celebrating One-Hit Wonder Day

Graphics by Ainsley Basic National One-Hit wonder day is less than a week away! To celebrate, on Friday, September 24th, we’ll air all of the... Read More
Chrissie Hynde Birthday Playlist
Discover WERS :: 08.31.21

Playlist: Celebrating Chrissie Hynde’s 70th Birthday

Graphics by Ainsley Basic The Pretenders have gone through a lot of the same changes that their fellow 80s rockers dealt with. Membership always shifting,... Read More
Dallon Weekes Guest DJ
Discover WERS :: 05.12.21

Playlist: Dallon Weekes’ Guest DJ Takeover

Photography by Lauren Watson Perry This Tuesday, we were so happy to have Dallon Weekes of I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME as... Read More
Discover WERS :: 01.08.21

Playlist: Songs of Protest, Power, and Strength

Graphics by Nicole Bae by Phillip Jones, Afternoon Host Martin Luther King Jr. worked and preached at a moment in time when the call for... Read More
Discover WERS :: 10.09.20

Playlist: Fall Vibes 2020

Graphics my Maeve Huttner By Riley Greenstein, WERS Staff Writer Check out our previous Fall Vibes Playlist here Fall has finally arrived, and the colder months... Read More
Discover WERS :: 09.29.20

1979: A Year In Music

Graphics by Maeve Huttner By Simru Sonmez-Erbil, WERS Staff Writer If I had been alive in 1979, I'm pretty sure it would have been the... Read More
Discover WERS :: 09.04.20

Playlist: When You’re On The Aux

Graphics by Nicole Bae By Megan Doherty, WERS Staff Writer Picture this: You’re in the car with friends or family and, without warning, they tell... Read More
Discover WERS :: 08.12.20

WERS Companion Guides: The Ultimate Pet Playlist

We're celebrating the dog days of summer here at WERS with the help of local animal shelters and rescue organizations – and our furry (or... Read More
Discover WERS :: 08.07.20

Playlist: Vacation From Home

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Simru Sonmez-Erbil, WERS Staff Writer No matter how many high-speed trains they build, there will never be any better form... Read More
Discover WERS :: 08.03.20

Playlist: Songs to Clean to

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Kiersten Tate, WERS Staff Writer To beat COVID-19, we're all staying inside our homes. While everyone is in quarantine with... Read More
Discover WERS :: 07.27.20

WERS Companion Guides: Ultimate Musical Theater Jams

Graphics by Nicole Bae Check out our previous WERS Companion Guides here! One of the most beloved programs here on 88.9 is Standing Room Only... Read More
Discover WERS :: 07.08.20

The Alternative Sound of Summer 2020

Graphics by Nicole Bae By Megan Doherty, WERS Staff Writer After months of dreary days accompanied by overcast weather, the sun is finally starting to... Read More