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Album Review :: 04.05.18

Divided by Country, United by Memes: Superorganism

Superorganism Artwork by Cooper Yeager – By Simon Luedtke – The London based sloppy-synth-indie-pop-rock-who-knows-what band Superorganism has made quite a splash with their debut album.... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.30.18

Live Music Week Spring 2018

Here at WERS, our mission is to bring you the best music, day in and day out, commercial free.  Whether it’s alternative or indie, brand... Read More
Album Review :: 03.30.18

BØRNS’ Blue Madonna Will Be “In Your Head Now”

BØRNS Album Review - Photo by Jacob Cutler - By Mica Kendall - Three years in the making, the stakes were high for BØRNS’ sophomore... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.28.18

Muse’s Step in The Right Direction with “Thought Contagion”

Muse Blog Post Graphic by Bobby Nicholas - By Gabe Straight -  There was a time when Muse was my favorite band. To me, the... Read More
Album Review :: 03.23.18

Car Seat Headrest’s New Album is Really Good… And It’s Almost 7 Years Old

Car Seat Headrest's Twin Fantasy graphic by Cooper Yeager - By Owen Murray - Twin Fantasy on Bandcamp in 2011 and gained a devoted cult following.... Read More
Album Review :: 03.22.18

JD McPherson’s Lasting Legacy with UNDIVIDED HEART & SOUL

JD McPherson "Undivided Heart and Soul" WERS Graphic by Bobby Nicholas - By Simon Luedtke - Just two years after the critically acclaimed release of... Read More
Album Review :: 03.19.18

Typhoon’s Most Ambitious Album Yet – Offerings

- By Sam Reynolds - Kyle Morton’s songs have a signature grandiosity. The singer tells stories that grapple with terrifying existential truths with an unwavering... Read More
Album Review :: 03.16.18

MGMT Defies Pop with Little Dark Age

- By Gabe Straight - What makes MGMT, the veteran electro pop project, so interesting to many listeners? It is their complete disregard for making... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.14.18

Reykjavik Calling 2018 Photos

WERS hosted Reykjavik Calling at Paradise Rock Club in March. With performances from Air Traffic Controller, JFDR, and Sturla Atlas! Photography by Carley Durant AIR... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 03.13.18

Ceasetone’s Three-Dimensional Soundscape: WERS Interview

Ceasetone at Sunaana 2018 - Photography by Bobby Nicholas. During a break in the action at the Sunaana Music and Beer Festival, 88.9’s Alex Waters... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 03.08.18

Axel Flóvent’s Plan for the Future: An Interview

Axel Flóvent at Sunaana 2018 - Photography by Bobby Nicholas. At the Sunaana Music and Beer Festival, 88.9’s Alex Waters managed to sit down with... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 03.07.18

JFDR and the Power of saying “No:” an Interview

JFDR at Sunaana 2018 - Photography by Bobby Nicholas. During the Sunaana Music and Beer Festival, 88.9’s Alex Waters got to chat with Icelandic singer... Read More