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Discover WERS :: 04.08.21

New Discoveries: The Lone Bellow, Valerie June, and More

Graphics by Kevin Shin THE LONE BELLOW - “DRIED UP RIVER” A cheerful guitar melody and choral group begin the lovely “Dried Up River.” It’s... Read More
Discover WERS :: 04.07.21

Pick of the Week: Glass Animals “Heat Waves”

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Megan Doherty, Staff Writer If you haven’t listened to Glass Animals’ latest earworm, “Heat Waves,” you need to immediately. It’s... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 04.06.21

Lake Street Dive is Obviously Having an Amazing Year

Photo Courtesy of Lake Street Dive Boston retro rock band Lake Street Dive just released their seventh album, Obviously. Drummer Mike Calabrese recently sat down... Read More
Discover WERS :: 04.05.21

On This Day: James Brown’s Concert of Healing

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Meghan Hockridge, Staff Writer Fifty-three years ago, on April 5th, 1968, James Brown had a hard decision to make. Would... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 04.02.21

Juliana Hatfield and Her Journey Through Isolation

Photography by David Doobinin, courtesy of Juliana Hatfield Boston’s own Juliana Hatfield is gearing up to release her nineteenth studio album Blood later this year.... Read More
Discover WERS :: 04.01.21

Get Hyped for These Upcoming Collaborations

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Zack Greenstein, Web Services Coordinator, and Tatum Jenkins, Music Coordinator Here at WERS, we’ve been especially enjoying some awesome collaborations.... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.31.21

New Discoveries: Hayley Williams, Paul McCartney, and More

Graphics by Kevin Shin HAYLEY WILLIAMS - "MY LIMB" Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams shows us her darker side with her new song “My Limb”. This... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.30.21

George Knight College of Musical Knowledge: Lecture Notes

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Megan Doherty, Staff Writer You may have heard an installment or two of our on-air segment, the George Knight College... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.29.21

Pick of the Week: Japanese Breakfast “Be Sweet”

Graphics by Kevin Shin By Nora Onanian, Staff Writer “Be Sweet” marks a new era for Japanese Breakfast, the solo project of Michelle Zauner. The... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 03.26.21

Aly & AJ Make Their Triumphant Return

Photo Courtesy of Aly & AJ Dream-pop duo Aly & AJ are back to put out their first album in 14 years. The record comes... Read More
Discover WERS :: 03.24.21

New Discoveries: Dayglow, Jade Bird, and More

Graphics by Kevin Shin DAYGLOW - “SOMETHING” With a steady, upbeat drum, Dayglow opens the first song released from his upcoming sophomore album, Harmony House.... Read More
Artist Profile :: 03.23.21

Ten Boston Artists You Need To Know

Graphics by Kevin Shin THE SUITCASE JUNKET Matt Lorenz, the mastermind behind The Suitcase Junket, captures the essence of a solo performer through his unique... Read More