70th Birthday

70th Birthday :: 10.02.19

Playlist: Written and Produced by Nick Lowe

By Lily Doolin As we get closer to our 70th Birthday Party here at WERS, we’re taking a deep dive into the discography of our special... Read More
70th Birthday :: 09.26.19

Five Songs to Know Before WERS’ 70th Birthday Party

By Kenneth Cox On November 2, WERS is celebrating its 70th Birthday with a special concert featuring Nick Lowe and Adia Victoria at Emerson College's... Read More
70th Birthday :: 08.16.19

Artist Profile: Adia Victoria

By Lily Doolin The Blues emerged during a time in America’s history that was wrought with slavery, racism, and oppression. From its beginnings, the genre... Read More
70th Birthday :: 08.09.19

Artist Profile: Nick Lowe

By Kenneth Cox The UK is home to countless artists that have changed the world of music. From The Beatles to Adele, the region has... Read More
70th Birthday :: 08.05.19

WERS’ 70th Birthday

Poster by Justin Santora WERS is hosting our 70th Birthday Party featuring live music from: Nick Lowe &  special guest Adia Victoria SHOW IS NOW... Read More
70th Birthday :: 07.24.19

WERS’ 70th Birthday: Paramount Info

PARAMOUNT CENTER INFO ADDRESS 559 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111 Box Office info: TUE - SAT: 10AM to 6PM SUN & MON: Closed The Box... Read More
70th Birthday :: 07.24.19

WERS’ 70th Birthday: Adia Victoria

  Check out our coverage of Adia Victoria at this year's Boston Calling! Nashville based artist Adia Victoria released her, Aaron Dessner (The National), produced album Silences on Canvasback Music in... Read More
70th Birthday :: 07.24.19

WERS’ 70th Birthday: Nick Lowe

Nick Lowe has made his mark as a producer (Elvis Costello-Graham Parker-Pretenders-The Damned), songwriter of at least three songs you know by heart, short-lived career... Read More