Station Transparency

Leading with openness and accountability, discover the workings of WERS

This page corresponds to Section 9 of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Service Grant’s Radio General Provisions.


A. Station Management: This is a list of WERS’s senior/executive management and contact information. 

B. Board of Directors: This is a list of the members on WERS’s board of directors. 

C. CAB Members: This is a list of WERS’s Community Advisory Board members. 

D. Open Meetings: This is a list of the date, time, and place of all open meetings as required by the Communications Act. 

E. Audited Financial Statements: WERS’s most recent Audited Financial Statements. 

F. Copies of Financial Reports: Instructions for obtaining a copy of WERS’s annual financial reports. 

G. 990 or Equivalent: Emerson College’s (License holder of WERS) most current IRS Form 990. 

H. Local Content and Services Report: WERS’s annual report on local content and services included in WERS’s most recent SAS. 

I. Diversity Statement: WERS’s diversity statement, specified in Section 8. 

J. 2019 Annual Financial Report

K. CPB's Employment Statistical Report