Live Studio Specs

We know you are a pro but please read the directions anyways

Performance Studio Specifications

The WERS live performance studio is an acoustically tuned 13′ by 19′ room, with a 9 foot ceiling. The room is home to the station’s 1933 Steinway “B” baby grand piano. The space is used for live and pre-recorded performances throughout the year including WERS’s annual Local Music Week and Live Music Week.

If you would like to be considered, please contact the WERS Live Mix Director at Please include “WERS Studio Mix: Band Name” as the e-mail subject.

WERS Live Mix Equipment


  • 1932 Steinway Model B Grand Piano
  • 5 piece Yamaha Absolute Maple Noveau with Zildjian A Series cymbals
  • Fender Deluxe Reverb guitar amplifier


  • Mac Pro with Pro Tools 12.4.0
  • Yamaha PM5D Digital Mixing Console
  • DBX 376 Tube Channel Pre-Amp x2
  • DBX 172 Gate
  • C. Electronic Fireworx digital effects unit
  • Millennia STT-I tube channel strip
  • TLA C-1 Dual Valve Channel Strip
  • Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor compressor x2


  • AKG C414 x2
  • AKG D112 x3
  • Audio Technica AT 4050 x2
  • Audix D1 x3
  • Audix D6
  • Blue Mouse
  • Earthworks QTC x2
  • Earthworks SR-20 x2
  • Earthworks SR-30
  • Earthworks SR-77
  • Electro Voice RE-20 x2
  • Neumann TLM-193 x2
  • Neumann U-87 x2
  • Sennheiser 421 x3
  • Sennheiser 441
  • Sennheiser 609
  • Shure Beta 52
  • Shure Beta 56 x5
  • Shure Beta 57A x2
  • Shure Beta 58A x4
  • Shure Beta 87
  • Shure Beta 87A x2
  • Shure SM7 x2
  • Shure SM 81 x2
  • Shure SM 57
  • Shure SM 58