Discover WERS :: 07.26.20

The Dog Days of Summer with WERS

WERS is celebrating the Dog Days of Summer in partnership with local animal shelters and rescue organizations, and we hope you will join us! This... Read More
Artist Profile :: 07.24.20

Who to Watch: Man Man

Graphics by Kevin Shin 88.9 is proud to present a new series on our WERS Music Blog, called Who to Watch. Similar to our Artist... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 07.23.20

WERS At Home Concert Series: The Q-Tip Bandits

To watch more editions of our WERS At Home Concert Series, click here! This week, as a part of our at home concert series, Leo... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 07.17.20

Interview: Jayhawks Drummer Tim O’Reagan on New Album’s “Liberating” Creation Process

Photo Courtesy of Jayhawks By Simru Sonmez-Erbil, WERS Staff Writer On previous albums, Jayhawks drummer Tim O'Reagan was solely behind the kit, banging out the... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 07.15.20

Interview: Eleanor Elektra’s Album “Exquisite Corpse” Brings Her Love of Nature Alive

Boston-based Pacific Northwest native Eleanor Elektra strikes a delicate balance between several genres in her music. Her upcoming album, Exquisite Corpse, promises to be another sonically... Read More
Discover WERS :: 07.10.20

The Basements of Boston: “We’re the Working Class Artists”

Photo courtesy of Yaritza Bushell (left) and Sam Potrykus (right) By Christopher Wilson Christopher Stetson Wilson is a Cambridge-based writer, MFA fiction student, former comic... Read More
Discover WERS :: 06.29.20

Shadows of a Dream: The History of Racial Inequality in America

Graphics by Nicole Bae Be the first to listen to "Shadows of a Dream" on You Are Here every Sunday morning from 7-8 AM In the wake... Read More
Artist Interviews :: 06.24.20

Interview: Berklee Band Statehouse on their Beginnings Amidst the Pandemic

Photo Courtesy of Statehouse By Lily Doolin, WERS Blog Editor Check out the exclusive performance Statehouse did for our 88.9 At Home Concert Series! Berklee... Read More
617 Day :: 06.16.20

Celebrating Boston’s Music Scene w/Our 617 Day Artists!

Graphics by Nicole Bae 🎉 Happy 617 Day! 🎉 Today, our 88.9 family is celebrating local music, local artists, and local radio with an all day... Read More
617 Day :: 06.16.20

Interview: From Sleepless Nights to Dreams Fulfilled with Red Shaydez

Photo by Emily Gringorten By Lily Doolin, WERS Blog Editor Local hip-hop legend Red Shaydez has been "chillin' in the shade" for some time, keeping a... Read More
617 Day :: 06.15.20

The Basements of Boston: Dan Shea and the State of the Underground

Dan Shea on the right; Photo by Omari Spears By Christopher Wilson Christopher Stetson Wilson is a Cambridge-based writer, MFA fiction student, former comic artist,... Read More
617 Day :: 06.12.20

Offstage with Coral Moons

Photo Courtesy of Coral Moons In honor of our 617 Day Celebration, we're presenting Offstage, the latest series on our WERS Music Blog. When the... Read More