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Playlist: New Discoveries 2/9

New music from Gracie Abrams, plus local bands Pile and hemenway.

Our Favorite Local Albums of the Year

Graphics by Monika Krueger In July, we covered Our Favorite Local albums of 2022 So Far and now, 5 months later, we’re continuing on the… Read More

Playlist: New Discoveries 11/15

“If you’re looking for a groovy reality check, then Air Traffic Controller’s latest release, “20,” should be your next listen…”

Playlist: New Discoveries 11/8

“Up-and-coming experimental pop musician Jean Dawson takes us through the highs and lows of his emotions in his song ‘Pirate Radio.

Our Favorite Local Albums of 2022 So Far…

“There’s nothing we love more than celebrating the local talent coming out of Boston, and with releases as great as the following, it’s not difficult to…”

Playlist: New Discoveries 6/7

Graphics by Kasvi Bhatia EZRA FURMAN – “FOREVER IN SUNSET”  Ezra Furman’s “Forever in Sunset” is one big lesson in letting the love in. In… Read More

Show Review: The Lumineers Showcase Folk’s Fluidity

Photography by Jack Wisialowski By Lauren Surbey, Staff Writer Artist: The Lumineers  Venue: Xfinity Center  When: Friday, June 3rd    At an outdoor venue in… Read More

Lizzy McAlpine Is Finding Her Own Way

Photo courtesy of Caity Krone Lizzy McAlpine is learning, growing, and finding her own way. The singer-songwriter, originally from just outside of Philadelphia, found herself… Read More

Playlist: New Discoveries 4/12

Graphics by Ainsley Basic BLACK KEYS – “WILD CHILD” With “Wild Child,” the Black Keys stimulate a new wave of modern influence to their already… Read More

Playlist: New Discoveries 4/5

Graphics by Ainsley Basic WEEZER – “A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE”  Weezer’s newest EP, Szns: Spring, kicks off the band’s series of seasonally corresponding EPs… Read More

Upcoming 2022 Releases We’re Excited For

Graphics by Ainsley Basic Last month we took you through the amazing year of music we had in 2021 with our year in review article… Read More

Playlist: New Discoveries 2/1

Graphics by Ainsley Basic LUCIUS – “NEXT TO NORMAL” Lucius is back with more glamour and funk than ever. Opening with two squeaky, crunchy guitars,… Read More