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Uncategorized :: 12.26.16

Sneak Peak at Thievery Corporation’s New Album

Pellentesque vitae sapien pellentesque interdum justo vitae varius sapien. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vestibulum tortor quam,... Read More
Discover WERS :: 12.19.16

What Rosie’s Place Means to Me

By: Jess Filippone As a prior girl scout, and a current global ambassador at the World’s Women Foundation, I was so ecstatic when I found... Read More
Discover WERS :: 12.09.16

One Gift Double The Impact

Through the holidays and up until the start of 2017 WERS is partnering with Rosie’s Place to double the impact of your donation.  That’s right... Read More
Discover WERS :: 12.09.16

Boston Music Awards Winners

Congratulations to all the artists and bands who were nominated, as well as those who won last night at the Boston Music Awards! If you... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.18.16

Porter Robinson | Madeon: Shelter Tour Review

By Gabriela Mancuso & Erin Jean Hussey: The Boston leg of Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter tour at the Orpheum Theater could be characterized as... Read More
Uncategorized :: 11.18.16

You’re Invited!

Join us for great food, music, and a ton of fun during the WERS ugly sweater party! We will have a door prizes and a... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.18.16

Getting Inside

By: Phillip Jones There’s much more than meets the eye to WERS. Of course, we’re talking about a radio station here, so there isn’t all... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.15.16

My Favorite Venues

By Ross Ketschke: I have lived in Boston for just about three years, and my absolute favorite thing about this amazing city is the vibrant... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.15.16

WERS Welcomes at the Great Scott

By Suzie Hicks: WERS and Bowery Boston welcomed Cherry Mellows, Five of the Eyes, The Shills, and Long Time to the Great Scott on Saturday... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.15.16

The 1975 at the Mohegan Sun Arena

By Jessica Braunstein: For any The 1975 fan, it’s hard to put the experience of seeing the band live into words. The shows are always... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.15.16

Seu Jorge Pays Homage, Bends Genres at Bowie Tribute

By Sofia Barrett and Alex LaRosa: How does one pay tribute to a musical legend on the level of the one and only David Bowie?... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.06.16

Weekly News: Understanding the Senate’s Decision to Block the Supreme Court

This episode of You Are Here is our “Election Special.” It discusses the Senate’s decision to block the Supreme Court, the role of third-party candidates... Read More