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Discover WERS :: 11.21.17

Thankful for Music

By Erin Christie When attempting to fall into the “holiday spirit” as the nights grow longer and the days grow colder, we can often find... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.20.17

Gucci Mane or Gucci Purse?

By Melissa Gauger It is a dark and windy night on June 12, 2016.  While the evening, unusually cool for June, carries on, thousands of... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.16.17

Weekly News: Kids in Cuffs

On this episode of You Are Here, we talk to a local group of women obsessed with true crime and dig into the surprisingly common... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.15.17

Mammút Interview and Exclusive A Cappella Performance

Far away in a conference room in Akureyi, Iceland, 88.9’s Alex Waters caught up with the band Mammút.  Check out the full video interview, including... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.13.17

Satisfying a Musical Craving

 By Cassie Cloutier The other day, my roommate said to me, “I’m not sure why, but I’m just really craving this song right now.” And... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.03.17

The Neighbourhood’s HARD Comeback

By Mica Kendall Since The Neighbourhood’s 2015 album release Wiped Out!, the band ventured out on two national tours for the album Being the Flood and... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.02.17

Music Library Organization Tips

By M’Kenzy Cannon Ever since I first started discovering and collecting music on my own, I have organized everything in a very specific way. My... Read More
Discover WERS :: 11.01.17

WERS Takes On Iceland

From November 1st to November 8th, WERS is skipping across the pond to Iceland for the Iceland Airwaves Festival, and we are bringing you along for... Read More
Discover WERS :: 10.31.17

Artists Under 21 Can Rock

By Erin Christie, Within recent years, the music industry has been buzzing with fresh young faces eager to make their mark and share their passion... Read More
Discover WERS :: 10.30.17

Rock​ ​and​ ​Roll​ ​Hall​ ​of​ ​Fame​ ​Major​ ​Female​ ​Nominations​ ​2018

By Alexa Barton As of recently, the 2018 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame include wonderful female artists including Kate Bush, Nina... Read More
Discover WERS :: 10.26.17

ARTIST REVIEW: James Taylor-Watts

By Emily Harrison James Taylor-Watts is just like any other teenager, except he has a special gift. The British 19-year-old singer and songwriter has slowly... Read More
Discover WERS :: 10.25.17

A Review of Wolf Alice’s Sophomore Record, Visions of A Life

By Erin Christie September 29th  opened up a whole new world for British rockers when Wolf Alice released their sophomore record, Visions of a Life in full. After... Read More