Station Transparency

vLeading with openness and accountability, discover the workings of WERS

This page corresponds to Section 10 of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Community Service Grant’s Radio General Provisions.

A. Station Management: This is a list of WERS’s senior/executive management and contact information. 

B. Board of Directors: This is a list of the members on WERS’s board of directors. 

C. CAB Members: This is a list of WERS’s Community Advisory Board members. 

D. Open Meetings: This is a list of the date, time, and place of all open meetings as required by the Communications Act. 

E. Audited Financial Statements: WERS’s most recent Audited Financial Statements. 

F. Copies of Financial Reports: Instructions for obtaining a copy of WERS’s annual financial reports. 

G. 990 or Equivalent: Emerson College’s (License holder of WERS) most current IRS Form 990. 

H. Local Content and Services Report: WERS’s annual report on local content and services included in WERS’s most recent SAS. 

I. Diversity Statement: WERS’s diversity statement, specified in Section 9. 

J. AFR or Audited Financial Report

K. CPB’s Employment Statistical Report