A Beautiful Blend of Old Meets New

Music Reviews :: 10.08.16

By Cassandra Cloutier:

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.24.17 PMBrooklyn-based trio, Sunflower Bean, rocked everyone’s socks at Brighton Music Hall Thursday night. The concert was filled with a mix of everything from indie rock, to alternative and even hints of psychedelic. Not to mention there were also two opening acts, Burglary Years and The Lemon Twigs.

The first band of the night to hit the stage at 7:15 pm was Burglary Years. This local, Brighton-based four piece band started their set with an indie rock vibe that slowly transitioned into more hard-hitting, bass in your chest tracks with a high energy, pop punk-esque stage presence as the backdrop.

The majority of the setlist came from their album “100 Roses” released this summer, and their banter between songs was nothing short of hilarious with quips like “We’ll give you our album for free because it doesn’t really matter” which set a very unique and unexpected tone for the show continued by The Lemon Twigs.

From the second The Lemon Twigs hit the stage, their aesthetic was clear and carefully crafted. From bell bottom jeans to Ziggy Stardust inspired makeup, this four piece band was quintessentially the late ‘60s-‘70s. With a sound that is best described as The Beatles meets Queen, The Lemons Twigs incorporated a sound and presentation completely unique to the modern day with songs ranging from soft and bubbly to new wave punk and a high energy performance that kept the audience entertained all the way through with an exuberance that carried into the headliners of the night, Sunflower Bean.

Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 10.14.35 PMAfter The Lemon Twigs, the moment everyone had been waiting for in anticipation had finally arrived. Sunflower Bean kicked off their set with a bang and filled the room with powerful lead vocals and smooth harmonies. Their setlist ranged from low-key and mellow to quick tempoed and hard-hitting. There was very little banter in between songs which kept the tunes transitioning smoothly and the band playing almost non-stop and they even teased with a little Nirvana between songs throughout the show.

The set consisted of a mix of passionate and groovy to lo-fi indie, catchy beats, and vocals that never fell flat. Overall, the concert was a captivating and groovy mix of different styles while blending old and new sounds in an upbeat and lively atmosphere in a tastefully presented way so there was truly something for everyone to enjoy.